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Laying Mosaic Tiles

When creating a mosaic, it is a good idea to lay the tiles before you fix them with glue. (suitable if doing a smaller project)

This way you get an idea as to how the colours and shapes look together in the mosaic. Does not have to be the whole entire project laid out just a section that you are working on.

Always lay tiles for the main subject first and then do the border as these tiles are the most important. If you need to cut or move tiles around each other it is easier to do so without the background getting in the way.

When laying the border tiles of your mosaic, start in the corner and work your way into the center, than start from the other end working backwards, that way when you will meet in the middle you will find tiles are still able to be adjusted to fit in perfectly if needed, nothing worse than laying your tiles from one end to the other and then you cant quite fit the last one in, by this time you tiles are drying.

When laying mosaic tiles using the direct method, you can either butter glue on each individual piece or lay each one done one-by-one. This process  is slow however the results will be very accurate and you can see the effect each individual tile has immediately.

Allow approx 2mm gap between each tile. The larger the gap the more the grout will play into it...the less grout gaps your colours of your tiles will pop!!. Then again you can also use the a wider gap and have your grout being part of the mosaic in colour.


mosaic seahorse

Close Gaps

mosaic birdbath

Wide Gaps

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