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Mosaic Bases

Our Mosaic Bases are crafted from MDF and are not recommended for outdoor use due to their susceptibility to weather damage. However, our boards have a distinctive burnt edging, achieved through laser cutting, that helps prevent moisture from seeping in. We suggest sealing both sides of your project and the edges before starting your mosaic work to ensure durability. A 50/50 mix of PVA and water is a suitable sealant. Please keep them away from water, rain, and other moisture sources. 


Please note that hanging hardware is omitted. You may use a simple D-Ring to hang them, but make sure to use the appropriate screw size (6mm or 9mm), depending on the thickness of your base. Feel free to peruse our Photo Albums for inspiration from our Students, and we also have a selection of Acrylic substrates available for outdoor use.

Bases to use for mosaic work
Engraved mosaic bases for design
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