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Mosaic Kits

Enjoy a Pre-Designed Creative Experience With Our Mosaic Kits

Our mosaic kits provide everyone with a chance to create something beautiful. Our kits are ideal for beginners to better get to grips with the hobby or for experienced mosaic artists who simply want to relax and work with a guide. You can find everything from mandalas to butterfly kits and more. Choose Mosaic Tiles Australia, and you’ll always have a new mosaic to build.

Examples of Beginner Mosaic Art Kits We Stock Online

From the mosaic starter kit options to the slightly more complex designs, we have something for everyone. Our kits include the MDF base, tiles, and grouting. Here are some examples of the types of kits you will find in our store:

  • Dragonfly Kits

  • Birdie Kits

  • Fish Kits

  • Premium Range Mandala Mosaics

  • Plaque Kits

  • Window Hanging Kits

mosaic bird

Browse Our Massive Selection of Mosaic Tiles

Even if you’re only starting out, getting some individual tile pieces is always a good idea. We stock a range of beautiful tiles in both glass and ceramic options. You can then use these additional tiles to add to your mosaic kit or even create something new entirely. The possibilities are endless, so choose your favourite mosaic base and get tiling.

The engraved patterns available from our store enable beginners to effortlessly create realistic pieces simply by following the pre-drawn directions.

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