Alkaline Resistant Fiber Glass 300x300mm

Alkaline Resistant Fiber Glass 300x300mm


Alkaline Resistant mesh is available in 300x300mm Sheets


One of the reasons we use mosaic mesh is if we are working on a vertical surface eg: a wall outside or even a large project which we can complete in steps with the mesh method, also we love using this to create our 3-D flowers with the thinset.

In the example picture, we have chosen our pattern lotus flower.

  • Step:1 Tape pattern down on a rigid surface, then follow with a layer of clear thin plastic, (this needs to also tape down) or I just use cling wrap.
  • Step:2 You can use 3 types of glue, if your project is going to be internal you can use Pva, Weldbond to adhere your tiles on. Cement-based Adhesive (thinset ) is perfect for external, you can also get this in a grey or white colour, so it is perfect if you are using transparent tiles as this will hide the mesh.
  • Step:3 Once all glued in place we usually set aside for 24 hours you can then un tape and peel off the plastic wrap, your mosaic should be all stuck in place awaiting to be glued onto its new home.


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