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Dragonfly - 340mm Wing Span - x 240mm

Dragonfly - 340mm Wing Span - x 240mm


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Dragonfly - 340mm Wing Span - x 240mmx9mm


Check out the link below to our Youtube Channel to see how we have created the example picture.


Tiles we have used: 

Glass Sticks 15x150mm total 10 (Wings)

12 Black Murano 15x15mm (Body)

12 Blackberry Iridised Murano 15x15mm (Body

Black Grout.


Interior Only.


Mosaic Bases


These are an excellent way to get you started and we have some fantastic designs ready for your creation.


Our boards are made from MDF and are suitable for the interior.

Looking after your mosaic / MDF Board

MDF and water/moisture do not go together, these boards are strictly interior. It is a good idea to seal your base before applying your tiles, a good economical way of doing this is mixing 1:1 part water and PVA (Poly Vinyl Acetate), this will ensure a good seal. (always seal the sides and back as well).

Once your mosaic is complete and grouted I would then suggest painting the sides and back of your board with a couple of layers of paint, this will prevent any moisture from creeping in. A good way to ensure your mosaics' longevity is to seal the mosaic surface with a good grout sealer.

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