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Girl with Ducks Set- 4 pc Pack

Girl with Ducks Set- 4 pc Pack


Material: Acrylic

Girl : 80x35x4.5mm

Duck 1: 80x55x4.5

Duck 2: 25x20x4.5

Duck 3: 15x28x4.5


Suitable: Interior/Exterior


Idea: See what we have created with our cat and dog. Our YouTube Learning Channel


The making of the cat and dog Tree


Our beautiful acrylic shapes add that little difference to your mosaic work, giving you clean lines and a great focal point. These come with a paper film on top for protection. To use, peel the underside off and glue it in place. Continue on with your mosaic right through to the grouting process. Once your project is cleaned off and ready to hang, you can peel the top layer off to reveal your decal. Try not to rub this area to avoid scratches. However, a fine sponge can be used to wipe out any dust build-up.

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