Grout - 1KG - 1000 grams - 6 Colours

Grout - 1KG - 1000 grams - 6 Colours


QTY- 1000 grams

Grout comes in a handy container with instructions on how to mix.
It is always a good idea to seal your grouted mosaic project once finished,


How much grout do I need?

How much grout you need depends on three things:

  • the area of the mosaic = Length x Width
  • the thickness of the tiles
  • the gaps between the tiles.

If the tiles well-spaced (all gaps under 3mm), then you should be able to cover the entire mosaic of 450mm x 450mm with 1kg of grout. This is assuming your tiles are under 9-10mm thick.

Set your mosaic on a piece of plastic to catch all the wet grout that falls off the side as you spread it. That way you can scoop it up and use it otherwise you'll need a lot more grout because most is wasted.

Always seal your completed mosaic art piece, this will protect your mosaic against moisture.




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