Polymar Clay Flower Rounds (12x12mm) Purple x 25pc

Polymar Clay Flower Rounds (12x12mm) Purple x 25pc



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These great little things are light enough to be used for card making, embellishing projects etc.

They measure approx 12x12mm and are 4mm thickness and are sold in lots of 25pc random mix.


These also have a hole drilled in the side so they can be used for threading.



Interior Only



The Art of Embellishing

Embellishing is such a fantastic way for kids or adults to create there own unique masterpiece without the hassle's of grouting.


What you need: Paint brush, ice block stick, paint , PVA glue, wooden base-shape, embellishment, beads etc.


Firstly decide on a colour to paint your board, any colour any paint is suitable, we always use silver for our lighter colours and black for the darker colours but any colours are fine.

Once dried start to work in a section at a time, apply some PVA and smear around with the paint brush, then place your desired embellishments on, always start with some smaller ones and a sprinkling of seed beads which can be pushed into the gaps with the ice block stick, then slightly bigger embellishments, then back to small , medium and seed beads etc. Once all covered and dried you can then turn this upside down to shake off any excess seed beads that are loose (good idea to do this over a container to catch all of the loose beads). Your master piece is now ready to be hung.


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