Small - Shimmer Stained Glass Petals

Small - Shimmer Stained Glass Petals


QTY 1 Petal

Please note in photo it shows 5 petals but we sell them individually, that way you can mix and match your selection. For 1 Petal is 95cents


Each individual glass petal measures - 15x38mm - 3mm thickness.

These are handcut made of Tiffany Stained Glass with a mirror effect.

Sealed with Epoxy paint - We suggest a non-Toxic Glue to be used - No thinset. Weldbond, PVA or Prep Glue is our Preferred choice.


The endless ideas you can create using these, check out what we have created with these petals , endless possibilities. Dragondfly wings, bees, lotus flowers, sunflowers, tulips.




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