Lotus Design Idea




Glue: Weldbond

Materials: We have used a combination of Vitreous, ceramic, and glitter tiles in 10x10mm.


Step 1: Start by cutting a triangle for the first petal then continue up the side to you reach the tip and then follow back through to the triangle as shown in photo. Continue on with the other petals and triangles for the starting point.

Step 2: Continue on with the inner petals placing triangles where needed in the corners. We have used our purple ceramic and purple crystal tiles but any in this size (10X10mm will be fine)

 Step 3: Outline the tips of the lotus and then place a 20x20mm tile of your choice in the centre.

Step 4: Fill in the leaves with green 10x10mm tiles as shown in picture, we have then cut up a 20x20mm tiles into small triangles and fill the remaining gaps. Once all leaves are completed set aside for 24 hours before grouting.


* Refer to our grouting fact sheet for grouting tips.



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