Grouting Fact Sheet


Who loves Grouting ???
Such a rewarding thing to complete as it really brings out your project..
This is how i grout, everyone has a different way but this works for me.......i save all of my ice cream containers so i can cut them up into spatchulars to spread on the grout, these work great as they glide over back and forwards on your project with ease, when finished throw it out!!




Start by adding a small amount of water to your grout, i use a large icie pole stick to mix...keep mixing until you achieve the consistency of toothpaste or cake icing. you may need to add more water or grout (at this stage do not be tempted to lick the spoon) :)....sit aside for 5 mins.


A good way to check your grout is good is put some on the end of the stick and it should not fall off.








Next smear your grout on with your spatch, back and forwards motion 


Once completely covered and you have made sure the grout is in the gaps at the side sit for about 10-15 minutes, in a shady place NEVER grout in the sun...this can cause your grout to dry out fast and crack











Use an old rag, i prefer to use mine flat not scrunched up with a sprinkling of water..
A lot of people ask me why i do not use a sponge, i find it holds to much liquid no matter how much you squeeze it out, and that can result in the grout being dragged out of the gaps.


In a circular motion take off the grout and remember to get down the sides as well.


Then a quick buff with a dry rag.










The finished project...i hope my client is happy with this one. :)..this will be set aside for 24 hours to dry completely then it will be sprayed with a sealer



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