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Stained Glass - Sheets

Our Stained Glass Sheets are perfect for creating beautiful mosaics! They don't fade and are suitable for both interior and exterior projects. Our sheets come in two sizes - 100x200x3mm and 300x300mm. If you want this larger size, please contact us as postage may be more due to packaging. Don't forget to check out our selection of Stained Glass Pieces.

Best Stained Glass Supplies in Australia

Look no further than Mosaic Tiles Australia for a wide range of the best stained glass supplies. For example, we supply stained glass sheets. These are large, flat sheets of coloured glass ideal for lamps, windows, and any other artistic works. The textures and colours are a result of mixing metal oxides with molten glass.

As stained glass suppliers of distinction, we offer a spectrum of colours from purple to yellow, green, blue, and red, plus various shades and accents. Depending on your application and preference, you can choose between semi-transparent, clear, or opaque stained glass sheets.

Professional Advice and Inspiration

Stained glass sheets can even be cut into smaller pieces and reassembled using foil to create different designs, from simple to complex. For inspiration for your next stained glass project in Australia, browse our photo albums.

Stained glass pink sheet
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