The Humble Beginings


Taking up the art of mosaic work is rewarding and yet satisfying. I have taught mosaic artwork for over 15 years in New Zealand and here in Australia.

I have met so many talented and creative people, and then the ones that just think they have to know the idea of creating a mosaic piece!! Working alongside and helping to grow an idea with someone is both rewarding for myself and to see the sheer joy on their face that they’ve actually created something they will be proud to hang on their wall or pass on as a gift

Somewhere deep in all of us I believe we do have a creative side, maybe needs a bit of nurturing but it is there!

Come with us on a journey of creativity and finding your inner mosaic monster!!

By sticking to the basics to start with we will help you grow your creativity and capability……..

So what are you waiting for let’s get going!!!


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