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Cutting Mosaic Tiles

There is a vast range of products that can be used in mosaic work and most of these products require a different tool to cut.  We love using lots of different texture and mixing different mediums in our work to create something unique.  The more we experiment the more we learn. Trying different things will only help us to become more of the artist we want to be. 

We have also put together a group on Facebook named Sunshine Coast Mosaic Group.  This is open to everyone to showcase their work and share ideas.


Learn ~ Create ~ Inspire

Glass Mosaic Tiles

Glass mosaic tiles are cut with a mosaic glass cutter. This tool is basically a compression tool like a tile nipper but the blades are wheel-shaped and replaceable.  A mosaic glass cutter shouldn’t be used on other types of materials such as ceramics or stone because the wheel blades could shatter and break. We have used these on fine china and they are fine but the blades will go blunt alot quicker.  Remember to use sharp wheels, if they are getting dull just rotate them slightly… if the whole wheel is dull, it’s time to replace the wheels.

mosaic double wheeled cutters
mosaic pencil oil filled glass cutter
Running pliers for cutting glass.

Stained Glass

This would have to be our favourite product to work with. Stained glass is suitable for interior and exterior work and it does not fade.  The range of colours and textures available is amazing.

Cutting stained glass can be rewarding but for some a daunting task. Remember practice makes us get better...and a lot of patience!!

Cutting stained glass involves an oil filled glass cutter and a pair of running pliers.  If you are cutting larger sheets, a T Square can also be helpful.

We would suggest obtaining some cheap picture framing glass to practice scoring on - We have put together a quick tutorial in cutting glass.

Ceramic Tiles

These can be cut with mosaic nippers or, if they are larger tiles, you will need an old towel or pillow case, a hammer and some muscle power.

Place the tile in the towel and make sure there are a few layers on top of the tile, to ensure that when you smash it up the glaze will not chip off.

Now is the fun part - give it a good smash, check it and if you still require smaller pieces give it another whack.

Now you can begin to create  and reshape your pieces with your mosaic nippers…



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