Premium Mosaic Kitset – Ulysses Starlight

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Please read your options carefully. If you DO NOT have any tools etc., then.

Option 1 is the one you need. Option 2 is if you have the tools, glues, etc. This pack will just be the base and all the tiles. You will receive your Kit with a guideline and a link to your online video.


Option 1:

Everything you need to make this. Ulysses Butterfly Base 370x350x6mm, Round Wheeled Cutters, Glue, Grout, Gloves, and all of the tiles to complete your project and a complimentary hanger COST: $99.50This will come with a link to an online video on how to create your Butterfly

Option 2:

If you already have the tools and grout and glue, then option 2 is what you need Ulysses Base 370x350x6mm, tiles to complete your project, and a complimentary hanger. COST: $59.50 This will come with a link to an online video on creating your Butterfly.

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